Clear and focused research findings help
our clients make decisions and take
appropriate action

We like to work as partners with our research clients. We don’t just take a brief and do the research; we take care to understand the context of why research is needed, and often recommend alternative ways of getting to the heart of the issue.

We specialise in qualitative research – focus groups, depth interviews or other methods appropriate to the project. We have extensive experience across many different market sectors in consumer, business-to-business and healthcare research. We also conduct quantitative surveys, undertaking all the elements of questionnaire design, sample selection, analysis and reporting, and sub-contracting the fieldwork to trusted associate companies.

Our clients benefit from our depth of experience in business and communications agencies which allows us to deliver added value once the research fieldwork is completed. We go beyond reporting research results to draw actionable conclusions and make strategic recommendations.

Here are some of the research projects we’ve worked on in the last few years:

  • Helping the University of Oxford to gain a deeper understanding of the motivation of major donors

  • Finding how the public would respond to initiatives from the British Heart Foundation

  • Getting client feedback to guide future service development for Eclipse Marketing and the Professional Careers Partnership

We were also one of the first companies to be accredited with BS 7911 - the quality standard of the market research industry.

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